WSV Woudrichem Roeien



25 - 28th May 2017

Hello fellow skiffies!

We are delighted you are joining us for our first regatta. We are all very excited and look forward to welcoming you in our beautiful historic city (the size of a village).

Here are some further details...

  • Please be aware that the programme is subject to minor changes
  • The main competition will take place on Saturday 27th May regardless
  • Our address is: Watersport Vereniging Woudrichem, Schapendam 1, 4285 BA Woudrichem, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
  • Please note: registration for teams from abroad is now closed - earlier than we had planned due to the huge interest! :-D

We’re very excited and can’t wait to meet you all!

Oh, and do bring all your musical instruments. :-)


Where to stay



Camping will be free! You’ll be camping on a field near ‘het Dijkje’ - off the Maasdijk, between Woudrichem and Rijswijk. There is a canteen with toilets, and we’ll be providing additional and showers.

Bed & Breakfast

Stay with one of our members

We’re expecting that some of our member will be delighted to offer hospitality. We’ll be putting out a request at our regatta information evening on Friday 3rd Feb. Watch this space!


Zoom in on the ‘Maasdijk’. That’s where we’ll have our races. This info will help you to decide where best to book your B&B or hotel.

Ferry and water taxi

There is a ferry from Gorinchem to Woudrichem which leaves at 7.45 and 8.15 on work days and at 7.15 and 8.15 on Saturdays. Unfortunately it won’t leave in time on the Sunday when the first boat leaves later in the morning. The ferry crossing takes 15 minutes.

Please see:

The water taxi can be booked in advance (minimal 1 hour in advance as it gets busy particularly at the weekend).
Mob.: 06 22 55 82 33 (until 23.00 hrs!)

We sure not to come too late. 10 Minutes waiting time is charged at €25 - which is due immediately you step on board.